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6 Jul 2009

Thisday Music Festival Rescheduled

After three weeks of sold-out concerts in South Africa and Nigeria, demand for tickets to see R&B superstar R. Kelly is still so strong among his African fans that Kelly has decided to add another show in Africa on July 8. As a result of which the July 8 concert previously set for Wembley Arena in London will be rescheduled...Ticketmaster

R Kelly has released a statement saying
"I hate to disappoint my fans in Britain, so I will be announcing a new London date shortly."

Scoops will keep you posted

1 Jul 2009

R Kelly - Headlining at the 2009 THISDAY Music Festival

After the roaring success of last year that saw Colin Powell gyrate to Yahoozee on stage with Mr Olu Maintain, THISDAY Music Festival is upon us again. This year promises to be even better with one of the biggest RnB Stars of our time, R Kelly as the headline act. The venue is at the prestigious Wembley Arena in North London and tickets range from £40 - £80. Tickets are selling fast so click here or here to secure your own place for the 8th of July. This is a spin off of the events that started in Joannesburg to Lagos between June 20 - July 5th with the grand finale taking place here in London.

According to all
Africa.com, R.Kelly is quoted to have said: "I'm very excited about my first visit to Africa. I've dreamed about this for a long time and it's finally here. It will be one of the highlights of not only my career but my life. And I can't wait to be back in the UK to perform live for my fans there -who have been some of the best in the world." Since R Kelly hasn't performed in the UK for about 8 years, it's without doubt that this would be one event you dont want to miss.

Scoops will be bringing you more information in due course.