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4 Jun 2009

Naeto C is Getting Seductive

Seductive as their parties are popularly called heralded a new era of clubbing amongst Nigerians in London that had never been seen before. It was a bold step in the Entertainment sector and one that takes determination to actually see through. One must applaud and support the group of individuals behind Seductive for their vision. Scoops had a chat with Abdul Olushoga one of the brains behind Seductive to have a feel of what it feels like to be a success.

Who are the brains behind Seductive and what prompted Seductive. How did you come up with the idea.

Didi, Abdul, Ade and Semy. Seductive started as a result of the house parties we were all used to organising back in the days.

It’s hard to believe that Seductive has been around for 2 years, what would you say has been the highs of being organisers of perhaps the most popular club party in the London area.

Highs of Seductive was having Danfo Drivers perform at our event at the Nigerian Independence celebration we organised. Lows of Seductive was having our event cancelled due to the fact the location went bankrupt.

You would admit that in the past that Seductive parties have been marred with some violence which in my opinion was professionally dealt with, would you say that this has marginalized your punters or has it drawn more people to it.

You are quite right with your observation. However, I would not call it violence as you put it. I would call it too much alcohol in the system that some people cannot control (too much Sepe in the system). Also, the fact that a lot of people came down to party in a location that was not big enough for the crowd attending. The funny thing is, this made the event more popular. Hence we had to act fast by ensuring people were thoroughly screened before gaining entrance into the event.

You now regularly use the Entourage club in Grays, Essex, what has been the reception of Seductive amongst Africans who live in that part of SE England seeing as most of the actions seem to happen in London.

Seductive is twice a month in Entourage and twice in a month in the city. The event is accepted all over UK. We have people coming from all over, it’s not limited to the SE area alone. Our pictures are everywhere thanks to all our friends that constantly spread the word for us, Facebook and our website www.vippartiesuk.com.

There are more promoters of club parties springing up everyday, how does Seductive crew handle their competitors?

We don’t really have to handle anybody. Seductive has got its followers and people always come with us where ever we go to. One thing we all know is DAAS ENT. is a trend setter. We started the whole saga of clubbing in this way. With pictures, T-shirts and partying like it’s your birthday. I am happy that we have created more jobs for the society in our own little way. Photographers now take pictures in clubs and get paid. T-shirts are now being made for clubs. A lot of Nigerians actually joined Facebook initially because of our event. With all these in mind, we are not too fussed about competition. Competition is good in any business, it brings out the best in you.

What should people look forward to this coming Saturday’s event?

Simply fun! That’s what Seductive is all about. It’s always so seductive and our pictures don’t lie either. DAAS ENT would like to say a BIG THANK YOU to those that constantly support our event. We really appreciate this because without you guys there would be no Seductive Saturday.

Guys the headlining act for Seductive this weekend is Naeto C and it is a big deal! Dont miss it!

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  1. oooh nice! This shld bring them more ravers.